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Fintonic is your financial assistant.Pay less for your insurance or electricity, get the best financing, and take control of your bank accounts.Our only interest is for you to gain.

Company Overview

Fintonic is the leading finance app in Spain, that allows users to manage their economies better, to solve their financing needs in addition to help them save. The company has registered a 74% increase in active users over the last 14m, now with around +700k and +2.8 million downloads, and 45% QoQ increase in revenue- Fintonic is also present in Chile where it has consolidated its position as the first finance app and it has recently successfully started to operate in Mexico Fintonic has become the leading personal loan platform in Spain with a 100% digital process that goes from the analysis right up to the final signature, integrating offers from 10 different benchmark entities, allowing clients to take out loans up to €40,000. Furthermore, Fintonic has extended its own financing capacities for the platform, with a bond issue of up to €70 million, listed on the MARF (Alternative Fixed-Income Market) and approved by the Spanish CNMV. Through its lending platform, Fintonic expects to achieve a volume of contracts of + € 1Billion in less than three years. Its leadership in the credit products field has also allowed Fintonic to sign agreements with clients of associated businesses. An outstanding example is the collaboration with, the first of its kind in Europe, which offers Fintonic platform users the possibility to finance purchases made via this e-commerce business ranging between €200€ and €1,000 at 0% APR. In this spirit, the Company is continuing to finalise agreements with other large product and services companies to provide finance solutions in real time. Fintonic has obtained an insurance broker license, and an energy saving offering that was successfully launched in 2018. Both initiatives are encompassed within Fintonic’s intention to help users save money without having to compromise on service levels.

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Madrid, Spain
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Edition June 2019

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