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Fision AG

We enable everyone to connect to the world through their virtual body.

Company Overview

We are a B2B2C cloud platform for mobile body scanning, physically accurate personal 3D body avatars and measurements, as well as virtual dressing with 3D garment models - working to solve the $40bn problem of online apparel returns and to increase customer engagement through virtual dressing rooms. Team consists mostly of computer scientists from ETH Zurich, using computer vision and deep learning to process images taken by users. Our solutions can be embedded in any web store, the consumer provides two pictures of themselves, from which our algorithm obtains a virtual 3D body model. We have lots of proprietary data that helps us to make meaningful size recommendations, as working with manufacturer data only is often not sufficiently accurate. Our mobile body scanning is also used by manufacturers of flat-knitting machines (automated custom clothing) and made-to-measure companies.

Primary Company Info

Z├╝rich, Switzerland
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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