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Bye crypto exchange. Hello world’s first crypto banking - instant, cheap, secure & compliant.

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Bye crypto exchange. Hello world’s first crypto banking! We make banking & trading currency of all forms instant, cheap, secure & compliant. Mainstream crypto use adoption is coming. So why is buying and using cryptocurrency still slow, expensive and risky? Your bank won’t let you hold cryptocurrency. We’ve built Fluency - the world’s first crypto banking - to solve these problems. Fluency is neither a neobank, nor a crypto exchange. We’re pioneering crypto banking - a new market! With Fluency, you can sign up for an account in minutes, deposit fiat money for free in seconds, and buy or sell major cryptocurrencies instantly. Want to cash out? That’s instant too. We also offer current accounts and global, multi-currency banking. You can use 5 cryptocurrencies and 25 fiat currencies interchangeably. Transfer money using Faster Payments, SEPA or SWIFT. And what about hacking risk? These exchanges store your currency on the cloud and are extremely vulnerable. With Fluency, you get Tier-1 banking hardware security. Nobody has yet succeeded in integrating crypto & fiat banking on a single platform - Fluency has been built for purpose, with extensive input from FCA regulated partners.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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