Flytrex specializes in developing drone delivery solutions for the commercial market, aiming to simplify the delivery experience while enhancing efficiency, by shortening the delivery time and lowering the overall cost.Flytrex offers a fully autonomous, on demand drone delivery service, and can tailor the system to suit the needs and requirements of many different businesses and industries.

Primary Company Info

Tel Aviv, Israel
Year Founded:
Company Segment:
Ecommerce Fulfillment & Logistics
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NC Company Overview

Flytrex is a technology company that wants to make on-demand drone-based delivery an option for more and more businesses. Flytrex noticed that people in major cities already benefit from plenty of fast, on-demand delivery options, but there are less convenient ways to get products out to people in the suburbs in a fast, on-demand way. Drones offer the ideal solution, as they can avoid traffic and travel as the crow flies at a constant speed, making it possible to accurately predict when a drone delivery will arrive, and allowing products to be delivered straight to the customer’s backyard almost as soon as the order is placed. Flytrex has pioneered solutions for delivering by drone, including their robust, secure boxes that ensure goods are not damaged during delivery, and their approach of lowering goods down from the drone to create a quieter delivery experience. Flytrex, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, operates in Iceland, and in North Dakota, USA. It is fully licensed to operate drones for commercial purposes in these regions by the relevant aviation authorities and governments. Flytrex is also involved in helping agencies in terms of considering how to regulate and license drone-based operations as new mainstream technologies are emerging in logistics.

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