Fon is the world's leading carrier WiFi provider. Pioneers of residential WiFi sharing, we revolutionised carrier WiFi with our technology, creating a globally connected WiFi network. Today, we continue to innovate through two leading business areas. Fon Solutions offers best-in-class WiFi products and services. Our cutting-edge management solutions enable service providers to configure, deliver and operate their own WiFi services. Fon Network aggregates residential and premium carrier WiFi footprints creating one coherent global WiFi network. We facilitate WiFi interconnection between carriers, provide access deals to interested parties, and enable seamless user roaming. Fon´s global clients include British Telecom, the Deutsche Telekom Group, SFR, Proximus, KPN, Cosmote, MWEB, SoftBank, Telstra, and Vodafone.

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Madrid, Spain
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Communication & Collaboration
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Fon is a telecom technology company that runs the largest international network of Wi-Fi hotspots, making public Wi-Fi available to people in locations all over the world. Fon also has a software division that aims to develop solutions that allow for the best in things like network management. Fon and Fontech solutions aim to help enterprises make the best use of Wi-Fi technologies and see all of the benefits of a more easily interconnected, wireless world. Fon, based in Madrid, Spain, is backed by major investors that include Google, Skype, Microsoft, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm, Index Ventures, Coral Group, and Atomico. It was founded in 2006 by Martin Varsavsky and has grown to become one of the most innovative businesses in the telecom sphere, as well as one of the best-known global brands in the industry. Fon has a focus on growth and expansion and wants to keep growing its global Wi-Fi hotspot network. As of May 2019, Fon works with many of the world’s leading telecom providers, including BT, AT&T, and Deutsche Telekom. Its global Wi-Fi community has over 23 million hotspots, and its software division, Fontech, produces solutions that are enabling consumers and businesses all over the world in terms of wireless communications.

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