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ForkOn combines big data and operative porformance KPIs. Our system to manage & analyze fork lift fleets of any size, uncovers saving potentials of ~20% of the annual fleet costs and gives individual recommendations for everyday actions.

Company Overview

ForkOn is the first OEM independent, fully cloud based and easy to use fleet management solution, with which our customers can save around 20% of their annual forklift-fleet costs. Together with our customers, we achieve those savings by focusing on the total cost of ownership of their forklift-fleets. The Problem: Our customers, all sizes of business with fleets of more than 30 forklifts, don’t have an appropriate tool to manage their fleet. This problem includes, that they have no chance to calculate the total costs of ownership of a forklift, don’t know if their fleet is adequately utilized, cannot compare a full-service offer versus a usage based service, use several FTEs to handle and control bills. Simply, the customer doesn’t know if they pay too much for the services at hand. The major forklift OEMs are aware of this and accordingly, make the most money with aftersales services and spare-parts. Solution: ForkOn solves the “Principal-Agent” problem between the big forklift OEMs, who make their money with services and spare-parts, and the end-customer. With our easy to use SaaS solution, our customers can save 20% of their entire fleet costs on a continuous basis, year over year. We achieve this, by consolidating & unifying different data sources such as own data points (other customers, pre-Operation check App, external data sources) and APIs in databanks customers and afterward performing a cost and utilization analysis. Business/revenue model: ForkOn is totally build around recurring revenues. our revenue model is based on the value we deliver to the customer. We target our customers, companies with more than 30 fork lifts, via a direct sales approach with sales reps and through the internet. We already have acquired our first four paying customers and the MVP was basically paid by them. We are currently in talks with additional customers and our win rate has been 75% so far.

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Cologne, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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