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Online manufacturing platform streamlining outsourcing of metal parts production.

Company Overview

Fractory is an online manufacturing platform that connects engineering companies with manufacturing companies helping to streamline the outsourcing of custom designed parts production. We provide our customers a one-stop solution for their metal manufacturing needs - one place to get everything they need. For our suppliers it opens door to new clients, revenue streams and faster machinery ROI. Fractory has been quickly scaling from its first markets in Baltics and Nordics to now in the UK. The platform has been well received by companies all around and from many industries. From small furniture companies to giants like ABB, Siemens and CERN. We aim to bring simplicity, clarity and higher quality into the manufacturing sector. Half of our employees are engineers who know exactly what the industry needs. But we all hate inefficiencies and we are here to lose them for good.

Primary Company Info

Tartu, Estonia
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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