Fraugster is a German-Israeli payment security company using proprietary AI technology to eliminate fraud and maximize revenues. The company was founded in 2014 by Max Laemmle and Chen Zamir with the vision to design and build an anti-fraud technology that could help create a fraud free world - one where e-commerce merchants would never have to worry about fraud again. Fraugster’s team of world-class risk and payment experts spent several years designing an advanced, proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which not only eliminates payment fraud but also maximizes revenues by reducing false positives. Based on this technology, today Fraugster offers a suite of products that cater to the needs of both payment companies and merchants. Fraugster operates globally, managing tens of billions of dollars in transactions annually. Its products are used and trusted internationally by leading payment companies such as Ingenico, Worldline | Six Payment Services and RatePAY.

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Berlin, Germany
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Fraud Protection & Credit Analysis
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NC Company Overview

Fraugster is an anti-fraud solution that aims to help businesses in the e-commerce world to protect themselves and avoid risk. Using innovative artificial intelligence technology, Fraugster is designed to help its customers protect profits while also being an efficient and cost-effective solution. Fraugster, based in London, England, was created in 2014 as a German-Israeli company. Its aim was to advance anti-fraud technologies to the point where a fraud-free online world would be within reach. Fraugster’s founders believed that existing anti-fraud solutions were backed by outdated technologies and that using expensive rule-based or machine learning-based technologies meant that systems couldn’t evolve to deal with new threats in real-time and gave inaccurate results. Fraugster is their response to the challenges facing e-commerce merchants when it comes to combating fraud and uses advanced AI in place of outmoded tech. As of May 2019, Fraugster has a global outreach with partners and customers all over the world. The original founders Chen Zamir, formerly of PayPal, and Max Laemmle, who also co-founded Better Payment, take on the roles of CTO and CEO respectively. Fraugster has received a lot of positive coverage in industry media, including in Banking Technology, as well as in mainstream media such as Forbes.

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