Frontier Car Group builds and runs marketplaces focused on emerging markets in the auto sector. The focus of FCG is to increase efficiency of these markets through technology and infrastructure creation. Frontier Car Group a Berlin-based startup who develop, launch, and operate used-automotive marketplaces within emerging market economies, with operations in Nigeria, Mexico, Chile, Pakistan, and Indonesia. We increase the efficiency of selling and buying cars through technology, infra-structure creation, access to capital and innovative business models that allows all stakeholders to gain from our impact.

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Berlin, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Frontier Car Group, also commonly branded as FCG, is a company that creates used car selling businesses in emerging economies around the world. FCG can offer a platform and solution that makes it easy to advertise, buy and sell cars, and handle things like the handover of documentation and financial transactions. By introducing this approach to automotive trade to emerging markets, Frontier Car Group is able to provide consumers with convenient new ways to find and buy vehicles in a trustworthy, secure way. Frontier Car Group, based in Berlin, Germany, keep their focus on emerging market countries in order to gain access to a broad audience with high growth potential, as well as to provide innovation within these markets. This allows FCG’s brands to have a high impact in its markets and benefit the people and economies within them. As of May 2019, Frontier Car Group has over 600 employees all over the world and provides support to its new businesses in emerging economies with the help of staff in its HQ in Germany, and its other offices in Sweden and the USA. Brands that FCG has launched include Cars45, Vende Tu Auto, Cash My Car, and CarFirst, and it has operations in India, Nigeria, Chile, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico.