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G2K leverages the power of IoT & AI to gather, correlate and analyze data from thousands of online & o

Company Overview

G2K was founded with the vision to be the worldwide leader in Situational Awareness, empowering clients to transform their data into value. Headquartered in Germany, G2K has 6 offices and over 120 staff worldwide. We offer our clients enhanced security, higher customer satisfaction, better reputation and increased revenues by using the general idea of Situational Awareness as the core for our scalable IoT Platform, the Situational Awareness Builder (SAB): Being aware what is around you; using all available information and filter them to assess your situation; make decisions based on the selection of relevant information; execute action; learn how to handle similar situations in the future. G2K is operating in five core market verticals: Public Services, Corporate, Travel & Transportation, Sports & Entertainment and Retail. The SAB - G2K’s core product - is a scalable IoT platform that transforms data into knowledge, giving clients a targeted, deep insight on their business and their processes. Situational awareness is created by performing comprehensive (and predictive) data analytics and by deriving actions from the generated insights.

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Munich, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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