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Gestalt Robotics

We develop solutions for intelligent robotics supporting your business with artificial intelligence and automation.

Company Overview

GESTALT Robotics positions itself as an innovative and high-performance service provider for tailor-made software development at the interface of automation technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Based on the extensive experience and expertise of the core team, GESTALT Robotics serves the ever-growing demand for innovative automation solutions from companies in various industries. Among the existing customers are Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Hella Aglaia, Procter & Gamble and Stadler Rail. At the heart of the business model of GESTALT Robotics is the project-based development of software for the areas of perception, cognition and interaction. There are also proven methods and tools from the fields of object recognition, semantic segmentation, control engineering, path planning, gesture-based interaction as well as visualization and interaction in augmented and virtual reality available. The typical product range characterizes the development of special software services or extensive software solutions based on these technologies. In addition to development, the range of services includes consulting activities as well as customer support after the end of the project by providing support.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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