getAbstract summarizes business books, making our subscribers the best-read, most expert players on the business scene today. Our mission is to provide executives worldwide with the best in business knowledge. We deliver this knowledge in concise summaries of the latest, sharpest and most relevant books. Our summaries are available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French and Portuguese.getAbstract was founded in 1999, the brainchild of three global business executives who saw a growing need for putting more knowledge in people’s hands, in a format they could quickly absorb to stay current. Many of the world’s largest companies offer their employees full access to the getAbstract Library. Our clients are some of the most sophisticated and knowledge-driven firms in business today. Our customer base spans the globe and includes Microsoft, Daimler, Ernst & Young, SAP, Deutsche Post, Audi, Burberry, Chick-fil-A, General Motors, MillerCoors, Novartis, Metro and Credit Suisse.

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Lucerne, Switzerland
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Horizontal SaaS
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getAbstract is a media and intelligence company that creates fast, easy to digest abstracts of books and other information sources, allowing individuals and people in corporate environments to quickly inform themselves, learn new skills, and boost their decision-making power. The topics covered by getAbstract include management, leadership, marketing, interpersonal skills, science, health, economics, technology and many more. The service offers a number of different subscription models, including those for corporate customers and for students. getAbstract, based in Lucerne, was founded in 1999. It expanded into the US in 2000, and by 2012 its materials were available in seven languages, as its progress into becoming an international source of knowledge and information continued. As of May 2019, getAbstract can count among its corporate customers brands that are well-known in all kinds of fields, including fast food chain Chick-Fil-A, money transfer service Western Union, and brands like Atlassian, Mastercard, and GE. Their community of readers worldwide includes a third of all the companies in the Fortune 500 and is made up of millions of people from all over the world. The getAbstract platform has over 20k major texts summarized into easy to understand videos, talks, and summaries that take under 10 minutes to consume.

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