Glovo App does the urban daily errands that you don’t have time to do. The app uses a collaborative, urban and express system. It allows its customers to send or obtain any product in less than an hour. The mobile app connects users with independent couriers and allows them to acquire products from any restaurant, coffee place or store in their city, as well as sending urgent packages. In other words, Glovo is the new personal assistant available to everyone. Once the order is made, the user can interact with the “glover” (the courier) assigned and follow his GPS position in real time. Glovo is the app that allows you to buy, receive and send instantly any product within the same city, which is revolutionizing the delivery sector. Glovo is currently present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Panamá, Republica Dominicana, Guatemala, Romania, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt. It has more than 350,000 users and 5,600 associated partners. During 2018 Glovo expects to bill between 90 and 100 million euros and increase its workforce to 800 workers.

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Barcelona, Spain
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Ecommerce Fulfillment & Logistics
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NC Company Overview

Glovo is a revolutionary personal courier service that allows users in cities to get someone to pick up and deliver goods for them – usually in under 60 minutes. Independent local couriers can use the platform to pick up gigs delivering packages locally, running errands, and buying and delivering items from shops or restaurants. Glovo offers a great way for people to get things done within their local area when they don’t have time themselves or can’t get out to shop or collect the things they need, and also provides a new way for people to earn money by providing local courier services. Glovo, based in Barcelona, Spain, operates using mobile apps that allow for ordering, and can also let the user manage their deliveries using real-time tracking via geolocation technology. This technology helps Glovo to scale as more and more people within the cities where it operates choose to use the service or become local couriers, allowing users to find the nearest available courier in their city instantly. As of May 2019, Glovo has a global outreach with its services available in France, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and its native Spain, with plans to expand into further countries and regions in the near future.