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Hadean is a distributed computing company whose cloud-first operating system, HadeanOS, enables developers to effortlessly build and scale applications in the cloud

Company Overview

Hadean is a deep tech start-up that’s three years old, raised €14.34M to date and is currently pre-revenue. We have secured the foundations of early product market fit in two verticals (Gaming & Life Sciences). In March 2019, we broke a world record in our current focus area, Gaming, with a multi-region multiplayer demo containing 14K connected players in a single game world. We are working on shipping a commercial facing product (with a focus on cloud-first Gaming) in partnership with CCP Games by the end of 2019 as a major milestone towards raising more funds at Series A.

Primary Company Info

London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Year Founded:
Company Segment:
Big Data & AI
Active Markets:

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