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The leading platform for export finance loans and export credit insurance under EUR 5m.

Company Overview

Today, if an exporter would like to search for financing for their exports, particularly to emerging markets for loans for an amount under EUR 5M (“small tickets”), they are frequently turned away by their bank. As much as 50% of “small-ticket” export finance loans are rejected by banks, even before appraisal. Financing German exports to emerging markets, in a time of global uncertainty, HandEX provides financing solutions for financing exports to non-OECD countries, without the exporter taking on financial risk. HandEX’s digital application process removes the hassle of searching for both a funding source and export insurance by integrating both processes into one. Both an exporter and importer alike can logon to the HandEX platform and request financing for the transaction. HandEX processes the information before coming to a final decision for the provision of financing. Depending on the level of information available, the process can take as little as 5 days, with the aim of reducing this processing time further. SME exporters and importers of investment goods are our target user base. We leverage a direct B2B sales approach. The majority of our initial discussions are driven through direct contact with potentials customers at conferences and events.

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HAMBURG, Germany
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