HERE, is creating the world’s most dynamic maps and location services, making life much easier to navigate.Ready for use across multiple screens and operating systems, our services guarantee seamless location experiences that will improve and inspire your everyday life.We are proud to have a team of 6000 highly trained individuals throughout 56 countries, turning ideas into realities and laying the building blocks for a future of unprecedented geospatial analysis. We work hard to ensure that our technology is distributed globally, enabling people in every corner of the world to access beautiful and reliable maps.Whether you’re hiking through the Black Forest or enjoying a gig at your local cellar bar, offline maps will mean that you are still able to find your way, even when you’re not connected.Our venue maps can guide you through the interiors of 75,600 buildings in 72 countries, so next time you need to make a beeline for the bathroom at Bloomingdale’s, you’ll know exactly where to go.And last but not least, live traffic and transit services are on hand to make things a little easier when you’re moving through the city.Get the HERE app today!HERE, Maps for Life.

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