Hibob is a HR platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Hibob offers a web and mobile set of features to manage staff (On/Off-boarding, Time Off, Time Log, Performance Management, company engagement and more), as well as offer an intelligent Benefits Store (PMI, life insurance, pension, cash plans, travel). Bob radically streamlines admin and improves employees’ experiences with a smart mobile app, a personalised benefits store and inviting onboarding and survey tools. The rich real-time data in bob gives decision-makers valuable insights and helps employees feel more connected to the people they work with – wherever they are in the world.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Hibob is a technology company that focuses on HR management software solutions. Its platform, Bob, is a cloud-based product that includes comprehensive HR management features and tools, and which serves as a hub for both HR professionals and the staff within a company to access, update and add information that can make admin easier, and bring teams closer together. Bob can be used to centrally manage both planned vacation absences and sickness, and can also connect all of the information the company holds on what different people are interested in, both inside and outside of work, creating a kind of social media type experience that helps staff find out more about the people they interact with in the company. Features for managers include the ability to visualize staff assignment, spend and team structure in dynamic ways that can give new insights into where HR focus should be applied, for instance, identifying staff who may be at risk of leaving the company. Hibob, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs and technology experts Andy Bellass, Israel David, Amit Knaani, and Ronni Zehavi. As of May 2019, Hibob has offices in London and New York as well as its HQ in Israel. Its customers include Karmarama, ReceiptBank, Rufus Leonard, TransferGo, and Paddle.