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The blockchain-based investment marketplace, share registry and settlement network.

Company Overview

HighCastle is the UK blockchain-based share registrar and investment marketplace, which provides the end-to-end technological infrastructure and legal framework for compliant offering, digital issuance, distribution, management, transfers and trading of private securities. HighCastle is transforming the private investments landscape, providing liquidity and efficient management of private securities. HighCastle provides five layers of capital market infrastructure services: Incorporation, Offering and Subscription, Electronic Issuance and Settlement, Share Registry and Transfers of the Ownership Title, Secondary Trading. The Platform key customers: INVESTORS AND SHAREHOLDERS Access to highly vetted alternative investments at the HighCastle Markets, transfer and manage shareholdings easily. COMPANIES AND FUNDS Cut costs of capital raising with the HighCastle’s SaaS solution for investment rounds automation, embedded compliance and online shareholder management. FINANCIAL INTERMEDIARIES Provide corporate advisory and listing services, utilising the HighCastle platform for private deals and syndication. INVESTMENT FIRMS AND EXCHANGES Become a PrimeNet member to integrate issuance and registry modules and settle at the permissioned distributed ledger build on the IBM Hyperledger protocol. Investment Highlights: - HighCastle created Europe’s first blockchain-enabled share registry to simplify the management and legal obligations a company has with its shareholders - HighCastle built a Prime Issuance, Registry and Settlement Distributed Network (PrimeNet), a secure permissioned blockchain for regulated entities - Since 2016 HighCastle has served over 3700+ users, providing market data and multi-exchange trading within TOP-10 digital assets venues - HighCastle is capitalizing the company to complete the FCA authorization process and provide platform access for retail investors

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