Created in Barcelona with the desire to change the world, in Holaluz we have been working since 2010 to lead the transformation of the energy sector by putting the customer in the center of our decisions and building a long-term relationship with him based on trust.Our challenge is to create a mainstream system that becomes a new standard for people's life based on the levers of rational use of energy, storage and self-production. We want to accompany our customers on the journey to a new sustainable model where they will manage and own their green energy, becoming prosumers instead of consumers.

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Barcelona, Spain
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Holaluz is an energy company that has a focus on sustainability. It aims to build relationships with customers that put them at the heart of decisions, and which encourages users toward rational energy use, storage and self-production. The goal of this is to work towards mainstream adoption of greener, more sustainable energy strategies that people in the community manage themselves. All of the energy supplied by Holaluz is certified green, and it is one of the only energy suppliers to trust customers not to use energy wastefully, thereby offering unlimited energy at a flat rate rather than imposing limits or charging premiums for use at certain times of the day. Customers are encouraged to be responsible and only use what they need, and Holaluz trusts them to do that. It also offers special rates for businesses who want to be greener, and these can be tailored to the company’s own requirements, for instance, for businesses who only need energy at certain times of the day. Holaluz, based in Barcelona, Spain, was founded back in 2010. It was the first electric company based in Europe to receive the B Corp certification, which is an accolade belonging to a group of 2.4k companies worldwide who innovate in terms of impact on the environment and their communities.