Homelike is an online B2B platform for furnished temporary housing. Launched in 2015, Homelike provides a best-in-class booking experience for business travelers seeking high-quality long-term apartments from professional suppliers looking to rent units for 30 nights or more - The tech-enabled booking experience ensures a quick and frictionless process for both suppliers and corporate clients. Homelike is made for all kinds of executives, professionals, expats and trainees from around the world. In order to ensure quality across the portfolio, apartments are thoroughly vetted to make sure they meet Homelike standards when it comes to amenities, size, and location. With over 45,000 high-quality apartments in seven countries, Homelike offers the largest portfolio of furnished apartments for business travelers and serves over 15,000 corporate clients ranging from small startups to large multinational corporations in various industries and locations. Homelike is backed by world-class investors including Spark Capital, Cherry Ventures and Coparion.

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Cologne, Germany
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Homelike is a web marketplace for short-term rentals on furnished apartments. It allows people who need to work on projects in other cities or countries to have a home away from home while they are there, with all of the amenities of a private apartment. This can make working away more comfortable and also save money when staying in hotels for longer business or work trips. Homelike can allow the individual to make the booking, or a company can arrange accommodation on behalf of their staff. Homelike, based in Cologne, Germany, was founded in 2014, as a way to try and make longer-term apartment rentals of 30 nights or more as easy as booking a hotel room, helping expats, business travelers, and those who work on-site at client locations to have a more comfortable experience. As of May 2019, Homelike has apartments to book in over 400 cities, including London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich, Barcelona and more. They have over 45k apartments available and have arranged over 915k overnight stays, saving on average 40% over alternative ways of booking accommodation. Homelike is partnered with leading insurance brand AXA and has many big-name corporations as clients.