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100% regulated stablecoins, audited by PWC. Instant & feeless, based on DAG-technology

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100% regulated stablecoins, audited by PWC. Instant & feeless, based on DAG-technology. Immo1's (formerly NOS) vision is to increase crypto adoption by creating easy to use, secure and 100% regulated stablecoins for feeless and instant fiat transactions globally. NOS stablecoins and the underlying global platform aims to solve volatility, conversion fees, transaction times and programmability of fiat related financial products. Join us as investors and partners to create a global fiat. We will reduce dependency on the antiquated and slow banking system, while being 100% compliant. Milestones - Testnet wallet & explorer live at - Contract with e-money institute partner which works with top 30 global bank - High probability of getting official approval of Maltese regulators - LOIs from seasoned advisors accross all relevant industries e.g. finance, regulations, blockchain from top brands such as KKR or McKinsey - Committed funds by pre-sale investors - Negotiations under NDA with 15+ crypto exchanges for listings Partnerships for nEURO - Integration with ICO companies & ICO platforms that raised more than 70 mio USD NOS Stablecoins (based on DAG) NOS will launch fiat centralised stablecoins by priority for EUR, USD, GBP, YEN, RMB, E-SDR and other currency baskets Crypto investors and ICO companies can stabilize their funds and reduce transaction fees / time to 0. Different from Tether or TrueUSD, NOS is audited, feeless, instant and based in the EU. NOS Token (ERC20) NOS will issue NOS utility tokens (ERC20), which represent a 50% discount on all conversion and premium services fees Similar to BNB (utility token of Binance) we will reduce all prices for fiat conversion fees and premium services by 50% if NOS token are held in the customers' accounts. A percentage of the used NOS tokens will be burned, aligning investors ROI interests with adoption rates of NOS stablecoins.

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