Jobandtalent is the world’s leading job marketplace and is the first business to provide the entire process of selecting, hiring and managing employees within a mobile app. Serial entrepreneurs, Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navío, founded the company in the midst of the economic crisis in 2009, to simplify the process of finding work for candidates, to help businesses hire the right talent, and to change the job market worldwide.

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Madrid, Spain
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Classifieds - Jobs,Recruitment & HR & Workspaces 
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Jobandtalent is a staffing marketplace that can put together a workforce for businesses as well as find work for people. It operates in a number of industries, including catering and hospitality, call centers, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and delivery. It takes care of things like payroll, interviews, and employee vetting, allowing it's business customers flexible access to immediately available workers, with none of the usual recruitment overheads. This also allows workers to have a company they can trust managing things and giving them consistent support while they take on different roles with businesses who need them on a flexible basis. Jobandtalent, based in Madrid, Spain, was established in response to the growing trend towards flexible labor, both in terms of how people want to work and how businesses need to staff themselves. It has leveraged the concept of Workforce as a Service (WaaS), enabling companies to get staff quickly and transparently, but while also protecting workers in ways other more liquid types of working do not. As of May 2019, Jobandtalent has a global outreach with offices all over the world, including in the UK, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, and Sweden, as well as its native Spain. It is used by some well-known brands including Just Eat, Ca’puccino, and Sushi Shop.

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