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Kokoon Technology

Making sleep & relaxation easier through audio & data

Company Overview

In our ‘always on’, modern world problems with stress and sleep are becoming increasingly prevalent; now affecting over 50% of the population (Mintel). Kokoon is making sleep & relaxation easier through audio and data. Developed with staff at Guy’s & St Thomas’; Europe’s largest sleep clinic. Kokoon’s ergonomic, intelligent headphones provide adaptive audio content and coaching clinically shown to induce and protect relaxation. Kokoon’s content is helping users fall asleep over 55% quicker. Kokoon’s Intelligent Audio platform makes Kokoon’s specialist audio content dynamic and responsive to the individual. Using bio-sensor data, algorithms understand how an individual is relaxing or sleeping; customising their audio experience to them. Kokoon sold over £4.5m in pre-orders online and hit £1.7m in revenue for Q1 up over 200% on the previous. Currently selling B2C & B2B Kokoon are also exploring integrations of their technology with partner audio brand products.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Edition June 2019

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