At KONUX, we are building smart sensor systems for machine insights. With our patented technology and a team of young and seasoned talents, we are transforming a $100bn market. Today the industrial world is struggling. Using outdated sensing technologies they can not prevent nor understand machine and infrastructure breakdowns. They are losing millions of dollars every year. We have developed the KONUX platform to solve this problem. Based on the same core hardware tech we are developing smart sensor solutions to generate robust real-time data. By combining the measured data with the right analytics, we will enable our customers to understand their machine problems and make maintenance predictable to saving millions of dollars every year. We believe that IOT’s real impact is in the industrial world. Our customers today are reducing their maintenance expenses by +25%. Right now we are working with a select few like the Deutsche Bahn, but there are hundreds of these companies out there. Mission: We use artificial intelligence for sensor solutions to deliver the machine insights our customers need.

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Munich, Germany
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KONUX is a German technology company with a focus on innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. It provides IoT connected sensors which can be used to monitor assets, for instance, railway switches on a rail network, and allow engineers to plan maintenance, predict potential infrastructure issues before they happen, and get up to the minute status updates on individual parts of a network. KONUX has been working with Deutsche Bahn to provide this kind of technology in Germany since the summer of 2015, with a view to deploying its ‘Infrastructure 4.0’ project. There are plenty of potential applications for IoT sensors in infrastructure management, and KONUX aims to leverage the latest in AI and IoT technology to innovate in this field. KONUX, based in Munich, Germany was founded by entrepreneurs Andreas Kunze, Vlad Lata and Dennis Humhal in the spring of 2014. As of May 2019, KONUX has been listed by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 30 most promising technology pioneers and has received over $38 million USD in funding from investors through it's Series A and Series B investment rounds. It aims to further expand its position in the European market and keep advancing its AI technology.