KRY/LIVI allows you to consult a qualified health professional within minutes, via your smartphone or tablet. Through digital technology, KRY/LIVI provides equitable access to high-quality health care—at the patient’s own convenience. To date, KRY/LIVI has helped hundreds of thousands of patients in the Nordics alone. Backed by some of Europe’s most renown investors, including Accel and Index Ventures, KRY/LIVI is determined to lead the field of digital health, and fast forward the future of healthcare. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, KRY/LIVI operates in a number of European countries already, and with further international expansion on the agenda. KRY/LIVI’s 200+ employees are committed to improving the world's health through innovation, one patient at a time. To learn more, visit

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Stockholm, Sweden
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KRY is a technology company with a focus on the healthcare industry. It has created the KRY app, a product which can provide video meetings with doctors and other healthcare specialists, allowing people in Sweden to get face to face health consultations wherever they are. KRY has strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, which allow them to provide high-quality medical consultations while reducing the strain on traditional doctors’ offices and hospitals, by allowing for many healthcare matters to be discussed with a professional remotely. The benefits to KRY for both doctors and patients are huge, with it being possible for people in remote locations to see a doctor or therapy provider without traveling and allowing doctors to see more patients. Patients can also speak with their doctor without risking spreading contagious illnesses by visiting a physical doctors’ office, and home visits for housebound patients can be reduced. The KRY service also benefits in terms of healthcare administration, as it simplifies the appointment booking process, which is all done through the KRY app itself. KRY, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is CE certified and is the only service of its kind available in Sweden. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.