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Lalafo has combined artificial intelligence and logistics to create a fully managed marketplace.


Lalafo is an artificial intelligence powered C2C marketplace. Lalafo has developed its image recognition technology Product DNA. Product DNA technology is used to create a frictionless selling experience. In 2019 Lalafo introduced its new product FreedomBox based on combination of Product DNA and logistics. FreedomBox by Lalafo is a fully managed service for private people that allows a person to request a box delivered to a specified address, a person can put any items they would like to get rid of in the box. The box is delivered to the processing centre where the items are sorted, photographed, described, priced and listings created. After the items are sold, the money is transferred to the owner. Lalafo is currently active in 4 markets in 2 of which it’s profitable.

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Tallinn, Estonia
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Classifieds - Horizontal
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NC Company Overview

Lalafo is an online marketplace for consumer to consumer (C2C) sales of all kinds of items, offering a kind of virtual ‘flea market’ for used goods, including clothing, accessories, homeware, and collectibles. Lalafo is available through Android and iOS apps and is designed to have an intuitive design that makes it easy for people to buy as well as to add their own items for sale to the Lalafo community. One of the things that the company believes sets it apart from other C2C marketplaces is its smart use of AI to make recommendations to customers based on their own preferences and buying history. This can not only lead to a better experience for shoppers but can also help sellers get more visibility on their items. Lalafo, based in Tallinn, Estonia, was established in 2015 and has become very successful in its main markets in Eastern Europe and Russia. As of May 2019, Lalafo has around three billion unique users per month, and the average time spent on the site by each user is 30 minutes. It has sold products with a collective value of over 10 billion EUR. It is available in several languages, including English and Russian.

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