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Building the fastest growing tech-brokerage in emerging markets on the back of our very successful real estate classifieds model.


Lamudi was launched end of 2013 as a property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets. Originally, the fast-growing platform has been launched in 34 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Today, Lamudi focuses on its core and very successful markets Indonesia, Philippines and Mexico, while it aggressively ventures beyond the online classifieds model to deliver more value along the real estate transaction.

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Manila, Philippines
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Classifieds - Real Estate
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NC Company Overview

Lamudi is an online real estate site that allows landlords and sellers to list properties for sale or rent, and for those looking for a new home or commercial property to browse their options and connect with the lister. The company aims to improve the convenience of dealing with real estate in emerging economies, making the process simpler for everyone including landlords, homeowners, real estate agents, and tenants. Lamudi offers a good user experience that allows people to add listings fast, and to discover the properties that best meet their needs when searching. Lamudi, based in Berlin, Germany, is focused on serving the real estate sector in emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, and South America. The business has received positive media coverage from major outlets including CNBC, Bloomberg, The Independent, Yahoo! And Tech Crunch. As of May 2019, Lamudi has more than 370 staff around the world and serves seven countries, including the Philippines, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and Indonesia. It has over 700k listings for properties for sale or rent across its markets. Over 1k new properties worldwide are added every day. Lamudi can be accessed either on the web or by using the free apps available for Android and iOS.

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