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Lillydoo GmbH is a monthly subscription based baby care products company.


LILLYDOO - Baby care at a new level There has been much change in the use of baby care products in recent years. True to the motto, less is more, it is important to care for baby's sensitive skin as naturally as possible. On average, babies and infants wear diapers for the first three years of life - a very intense skin contact with a product, during the day and at night. Based on these findings, LILLYDOO was created. Their products are free of chlorine (EFC), perfumes, parabens, PEG emulsifiers, phthalates and hormone-active substances. They only offer 100% vegan products, which are developed without animal experiments and which meet their high standards. They regularly have this confirmed by independent institutes.

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Frankfurt, Germany
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LILLYDOO GmbH is a baby product company that produces diapers and other baby care products that are designed to be as kind as possible to a baby’s skin. LILLYDOO’s diapers are free of parabens, phthalates, hormone-active substances, PEG emulsifiers, perfumes, and chlorine, and are also made with only vegan materials with no animal testing anywhere in the production. This makes the products as natural and safe as possible. LILLYDOO products are designed with the help of midwives as well as skin specialists and are intended to look appealing on the baby as well as to be easy to change. LILLYDOO offer subscription services to their customers, too, so the required number of diapers is delivered regularly, adding greater convenience to the lives of new parents. Subscriptions can be changed to new sizes as the baby grows, and can also be put on hold if the customer is going away or canceled at any time. LILLYDOO GmbH, based in Frankfurt, Germany, has had its specially designed diapers in production since February 2016. As of May 2019, LILLYDOO GmbH has received a Red Dot Award and has received the Trusted e-Shops Guarantee seal. It regularly has its products checked to ensure they remain vegan and cruelty-free.

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