Luminati is the enterprise IP proxy network, and helps make the Web more transparent by allowing businesses to see the internet from the consumers’ point of view.

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Netanya, Israel
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Big Data & AI
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NC Company Overview

Luminati is a VPN and proxy service that can be used to route data and requests through residential IP addresses from a chosen location in the world. This can have a lot of uses, for example, for accessing websites that aren’t available in the user’s physical location, or for testing websites, security, and whether systems work as expected when accessed from other parts of the world. Luminati offers a Chrome extension and proxy manager that makes it easy for its customers to choose and use proxies without any coding, through a very simple, fast interface. Luminati, based in Netanya, HaMerkaz, Israel, offers professional 24-hour support to its clients, and its technologies are fully patented and compliant. It offers a choice of services to suit clients of all kinds, including large businesses as well as small private users. As of May 2019, Luminati is the largest VPN network in the world and has over 32 million residential IP addresses that data can be routed through, in almost every major city in the world. These include more than 11k ASNs and around 600 mobile ASNs across 195 countries and well over 26k cities. It offers a 99.9% uptime for its proxy services.

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