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Magic Horizons

Global holistic platform for Relaxation & Mental Health in VR based on scientific research.

Company Overview

We at MAGIC HORIZONS are building a global platform for relaxation, mental health and pain relief in VR. Scientific advice and a study for Magic Horizons by Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin. Deep relaxation states based on a holistic platform VR concept: From passive real nature VR, Binaural Beats, guided meditations up to room scale and interactive VR. Use cases: employee-wellbeing, hospitals, airports, care homes, dentists and many more. The challenge we are addressing is the "mental hamster wheel" resulting in stress, burnout up to depression. This is a multi billion dollar loss over all industries. We are aiming first at the B2B market and later on to the B2C market. We are in the German Telekom 5G program to deploy our unique relaxation experiences in the future via fast 5G networks. From real high-end Nature VR to CGI, from passive to interactive VR including gamification. One VR App fits for all. Clean content for a global audience. VR for good!

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