A recipe kit delivery service that is simplifying healthy home cooking. Customers can choose from two-person or family boxes, with a changing weekly selection of delicious, easy-to-cook recipes. Seasonal ingredients are delivered directly to customers’ doors, with boxes kept cool during transit, guaranteeing freshness when they arrive.

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Berlin, Germany
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Vertical E-Commerce
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NC Company Overview

Marley Spoon is a food company that delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients designed to allow its customers to prepare recipes they choose in advance from its range. It can allow people to enjoy cooking without any of the hassles of finding and shopping for ingredients, can reduce food waste by sending only what is needed for the planned meals, and can enable people to discover new things, use seasonal ingredients, and learn new recipes every week. Marley Spoon offers recipes for vegan and vegetarian people, gluten-free, recipes, recipes suitable for different weight loss plans, and recipes that are fast to make, allowing customers to tailor what they receive to their needs. Marley Spoon, based in Berlin, Germany, is partnered with American broadcaster Martha Stewart and can deliver recipes approved by Martha Stewart to its customers. As of May 2019, Marley Spoon operates in the USA, Germany, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria. It offers its subscribers a choice of 20 new recipes a week, as well as an archive of over 18k Martha Stewart recipes that are categorized to help people choose things that will suit their lifestyle, diet, and nutritional needs. Marley Spoon has an app available for iOS and Android, that can make choosing menus and managing the subscription easy to do on the go.

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