McMakler is a hybrid full-service real estate agent in Germany and Austria, the clear market leader in this segment, and among the leading proptech companies in Germany. We are the first real estate agent in Germany to do large scale nationwide online and TV advertisement, combined with more than 300 highly trained and qualified own agents on the ground and strong centralization of support activities. All is managed through our proprietary software platform Immoforce, which allows us to control our network of agents and processes from the Berlin headquarters and achieve superior efficiency and reduce process cost significantly compared to traditional agents. Our advanced proprietary valuation algorithms are unique in the German real estate industry and allow us to evaluate and predict real estate prices with high accuracy and address the issue that real estate transaction prices in Continental Europe are mostly not publicized.

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Berlin, Germany
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McMakler is a real estate company that serves the German property market. It aims to use a transparent fixed price model and to combine the benefits of the latest web-based technology with the personal advisory service offered by traditional real estate agents. McMakler can save up to 80% of the cost associated with using conventional real estate agencies, while also giving accurate valuations and a good experience for landlords, homeowners, and people looking to buy or rent houses and apartments in Germany. McMakler also provides helpful web content including guides for all aspects of the real estate market, including for landlords, sellers, and buyers. Its agents can offer personal support at a local level throughout the process, too. McMakler, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded in June 2015 and has already experienced rapid growth. It has an excellent rating on consumer site Trustpilot. As of May 2019, McMakler has over 300 real estate agents across Germany working for it and has facilitated more than 2k rentals and 2.5k property sales. It has had over 516k views on the properties listed in its website and has over 100k reserved search customers. It is active throughout Germany and has agents available seven days a week.