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Movewise is the stress-free way to sell your home. We sell houses three times faster for more money

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Movewise is the stress-free way to sell your home. Our unique process, smart technology & experienced consultancy help home sellers in the UK sell three times faster - for more money. We use technology to identify the estate agents with the most buyers for your specific property and then sub-contract the agents in a sequential managed process delivering the best possible home sales process for every buyer in the UK. We deliver to retail customers the property sales technique employed by large professional developers. We are an intermediary that solves three problems for the customer: who to choose to sell a house, the 50% failure rate of sole agents to sell, and the normally very high price and significant hassle of self-managed multi agency process. We also solve the problem for high quality estate agents of customer acquisition, the hassle and cost of finding, persuading and onboarding customers who will only get paid for 1 in 2 of their listings. By giving the best agent the client for free, the photos and floor plans and AML/KYC we can significantly reduce the listing cost for that agent in exchange for better terms and conditions that they normally request. By giving these agents repeat business we also incent them to work harder for us than they would for a normal client who is unlikely to ever be a repeat customer. This unique position as an intermediary makes us a category starter. The economics of our business are far superior to the online estate agents as we have far less cost with this broker model. We are also more scalable as have less human need. With this position we are the only player in the UK that can deliver a home seller technology platform to both customers and estate agents anywhere in the UK which will be one of the most valuable pieces of "customer real estate" as we own and interact with home sellers for a 3-6 month period whilst they sell their home which is the gateway to delivery of many services related to property.

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