Movinga is Europe’s fastest growing online provider of removals. Our primary mission is simple: to bring the moving process into the 21st century. We achieve this with a transparent and user-friendly online booking process. As an international moving service, we assist people daily to schedule and book their move in only a few clicks. Our booking service offers our clients a guaranteed fixed price that can be tailored to their specific needs.

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Berlin, Germany
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Consumer Home Services
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NC Company Overview

Movinga is a German logistics technology company that offers optimized moves for companies, and for people moving house, as well as organizing courier services and goods transportation. Movinga allows people who are planning a move to plan everything by entering the inventory, source, destination, and other relevant data, and then the proprietary technology will calculate the price and the best logistical solutions to complete the move. Movinga also has professional removal consultants who can help with any problems the user may have in terms of organizing their logistics using the platform and offers phone and email support during extended business hours. Movinga, based in Berlin, Germany, was awarded a German SME Award in 2016. Movinga has offices in Paris as well as its German HQ and operates in France and Sweden in addition to Germany. As of May 2019, Movinga employs over 200 people including 100 removal consultants and has performed 50k removals. The service covers the whole of Germany. Movinga has been awarded the Trusted Shops e-Guarantee, as well as other German accreditations. It has been covered on popular German television networks, as well as in online media and the press, including Handelsblatt, Welt, N-TV, and Frankfurter Allgemeine.

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