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Biotechnology company specialized in the human microbiome and bacterial research.

Company Overview

mybacs is a Biotechnology company with offices in Zug and Munich. At mybacs the focus lies on the human microbiome and the development of highly dosed, state of the art synbiotics. Travelbacs - the first mybacs product was launched in February 2019. Travelbacs is a synbiotic compound which was specifically adapted to the pathogenic profile of certain travel regions. Its aim is to reduce the strains of traveling to these regions by preparing the digestive tract using highly dosed synbiotics. They contain carefully selected probiotic strains combined with prebiotic inulin to improve the compound's efficacy. In October 2019 mybacs will launch an additional vertical, designed for daily intake. It contains three product lines, specifically tailored to the microbiome of women, men & children respectively and will be available via a monthly subscription. mybacs is a quality driven company that believes in living up to the highest possible standards in bacterial research. At mybacs we will always put product and customer first. All mybacs products are based on peer reviewed, independent studies.

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Baar, Zug, Switzerland
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