Native Instruments is the industry leader in innovative software, hardware and digital services for music creation, production and DJing. Founded in 1996, the company pioneered the application of real-time sound synthesis on standard computers. Today, NI caters to music producers, performers, and DJs with a comprehensive range of connected hardware and software systems: KOMPLETE, the industry-leading collection of virtual instruments and effects, complemented by a range of keyboard controllers and audio interfaces; MASCHINE, a powerful range of beat-making instruments now at the heart of hip-hop and electronic music communities; and TRAKTOR, the first DJ software to conquer the club, and now a range of integrated controllers that power house parties, club booths, and the world’s biggest stages. In 2018, Native Instruments launched, a market-leading online subscription platform for loops and samples that also creates new revenue and promotion opportunities for individuals, brands, and businesses across the music industry. Along with recent acquisitions of Metapop and The Loop Loft, these three online platforms further enhance NI’s ecosystem for music creation. Based in the heart of the German capital’s creative hub, the company currently employs around 600 people in its seven offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Toronto, Paris, and Shenzhen, and works closely with more than 40 international distribution partners to ensure its future growth and success.

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Berlin, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Native Instruments is a company that designs, develops, and makes hardware and software for musicians, music producers, and DJs at every level, from ambitious amateurs through to professionals in the music industry. As well as providing a wide range of hardware and electronic musical instruments that are designed to offer the best in digital music creation, and software for mixing and producing sound, Native Instruments also run a number of digital services for music such as Native Instruments aims to support musicians and other music creatives whatever genre of music they are involved in, and whether they are looking for the right gear for studio work, home production, or live performances. It has become one of the most trusted names for equipment in music. Native Instruments, based in Berlin, Germany, has been in business since the mid-‘90s, and their products have evolved to incorporate the latest technologies to allow for the most options and best creative output when it comes to making music or DJing. Native Instruments products are available all over the world through their extensive reseller network or can be purchased online on the company’s own website, which also offers support and helpful information for users.

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