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NAVA is re-inventing city discovery by matching venues and customers together based on data

Company Overview

Simply put, NAVA makes it easy for people to plan, book and explore cities across Europe in a truly personalised way. We do this, by combining highly curated content, with machine learning, to create constantly adapting recommendations around individual preferences. The business is built around a machine learning model, ingesting data such as interests, location behaviour and in-app interactions about the consumer, as well as aggregated data collected through brand partnerships. The results of this are personalised recommendations on what venues to visit and where to go in a city for the consumer. At the same time however, the same data is used to accurately match venues with ‘top’ customers, creating a highly localised, and granular marketing platform for local businesses within a city. NAVA is already providing clear insights into a brand’s customers, helping drive quality footfall, and guide on data-driven operational decisions. After launching in mid-2017, NAVA now serves cities across the UK and Germany and we plan to launch across Western Europe in early 2020. We've already shown industry leading retention, and have already generated six figures in revenue from global consumer brands that have acted as growth partners for NAVA. We're backed by Europe’s leading accelerator Founders Factory, and are an alumni company of Creative Destruction Lab, the world-leading AI accelerator.

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