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Neura is the developer of user-aware technology designed to bring context to the IoT


Neura is a technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable companies to reach their customers at precise, meaningful moments across mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Neura's AI engine integrates with more than 80 connected devices to ensure sophisticated situational awareness for each individual consumer, and offers a library of API calls designed to provide customized, highly relevant engagement. The Neura solution offers a better way to personalize consumers' app experiences and utilize the full potential of the connected environment, while ensuring sensitive data remains safe and secure

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Sunnyvale, United States
United States
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Internet of Things
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NC Company Overview

Neura is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers a platform that allows companies to engage with customers across the internet of things (IoT) and mobile devices at the right moments. Its AI as a service platform uses data from sensors on consumer devices to apply machine learning technologies that give insight into experiences in the real world. Apps that have Neura enabled can deliver notifications, alerts, and personalized content or services at times when the user is predicted to be most receptive to them, boosting engagement. Neura, based in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, has a leadership team led by CEO Amit Hammer that has a wealth of experience in technology fields including IoT, machine learning, AI, SaaS and business management. The company has a global outreach and is used in apps downloaded by millions of people worldwide, helping create the best experience for the consumer while allowing the companies behind the apps to strengthen their relationships with their users and promote more effectively. As of May 2019, Neura is used by many well-known companies, including AXA, Lenovo, Kayma, and Liberty Technology. It has among its investment partners Singtel Innov8, Greenhouse Capital Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, and AXA Strategic Ventures.

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