Nexmo provides innovative cloud communication APIs that enable applications and enterprises connect to their customers via voice and SMS. Nexmo’s APIs, Direct to Carrier approach and Adaptive Routing technology improves customer experiences by connecting you with your customers reliably no matter where they are in the world.

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San Francisco, United States
United States
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NC Company Overview

Nexmo is a technology company that provides its customers with the cloud communication APIs needed to allow enterprises and their applications to connect via SMS and voice over mobile networks. It offers innovative APIs, adaptive routing technology, and a direct to carrier approach, which enables businesses that use Nexmo to connect to their customers wherever they are in the world. SMS sent using Nexmo APIs can be used to provide support, to update customers on changes to their services, to send notifications about product shipping and delivery, and to promote new offers, all instantly and in a way that customers don’t find intrusive, and which can also allow for a high level of automation in a company’s customer communications. Nexmo, based in San Francisco, CA, USA, has a global outreach and can reach customers using over 1.7k different carriers worldwide, in more than 235 countries and territories. As of May 2019, Nexmo counts among its customers some of the world’s biggest brands, who use Nexmo to be able to communicate instantly with customers all over the world in a convenient and engaging way, via their mobile devices. These include Chinese retail giant Alibaba, social media network Snapchat, and accommodation booking platform Airbnb.