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The premium facial recognition-based access control ecosystem with stopless throughput.

Company Overview's facial recognition-based access control system is currently 2.5 times faster than any comparable products on the market. Operating at 0.2 seconds (with anti-spoofing) to recognise an individual in motion. With a mobile application for easy onboarding, we are able to give visitors instant access with just one picture and a few minutes. This will in the future provide commercial and sports venues with a way to cut down on queues, increase customer satisfaction and eliminate the unofficial ticket reselling market. For offices, we prevent the possibility of employees switching cards, and employers from footing the bill for absent workers. While being the most convenient way to enter any facility it is also the most secure method, that gives facility managers the potential to partially or fully automate their check-in and entry system saving them costs in the long-term on both front of house staff and security. Our device was designed by a previous red dot award winner, to create the right first impression for client-facing businesses that wish to leverage the most cutting edge technologies available in their workplace. Our system easily integrates into your existing security ecosystem, requiring minimal time for installation. We also put data privacy and protection at the core of our values and are fully GDPR compliant as all personal information is stored on the client-side. Outside of our core business we experiment with and have taken on enterprise computer vision projects in the past.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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