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October is the new name of Lendix. October is a leading European SME lending platform. October operates in France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.


October formerly known as Lendix. October is the #1 SME lending platform in France and continental Europe. It operates in France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and very soon in Germany.

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Paris, France
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Company Loans,Investing & Trading
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NC Company Overview

October is a financial services company that offers a unique platform for small to mid-sized businesses who are looking for funding. It connects investors with businesses who wish to borrow, allowing them to lend directly, with complete transparency for all of the parties involved. The aim is to make accessing vital funding easier for SMEs, and to give savers more options when it comes to investing their money. October, based in Paris, France, was founded in September of 2014 following a change in European law that enabled entities other than banks to make loans to companies. This allowed for the business model where investors can connect directly with the companies they want to lend to, making for new investment opportunities as well as new ways for companies to access funding. October, which was originally branded as Lendix, offers a platform that facilitates this. As of May 2019, October has offices in several European countries including Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, as well as its original headquarters in Paris. The company operates at a pan-European level, meaning that companies in all of its European markets can lend or borrow from each other, helping SMEs in multiple economies. The company has more than 90 staff across its office locations.