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Situationalization Platform. Smarter real-time decisions. Context-based. Data-driven.

Company Overview

ODOSCOPE, based in Cologne/Germany, is the world's first SaaS platform for situationalization, which adds situational awareness to operational decisions. Situation drives relevance. Situationalization is used to identify data segments in milliseconds and act on them in real-time. Unlocking unused potentials in data lakes, we help to monetize data by generating insights and accelerating analytical business models. In e-Business we add situational awareness to every digital touchpoint. This enables e-Business providers to revolutionize their online communication: Based on prescriptive analyses, the disruptive in-memory grid technology adapts all digital touchpoints to the current situation and needs of each individual user in a self-learning way. For this purpose, situational data is combined with personal data or any other type of data. This is how even unknown users can be presented with individually relevant content such as situation-aware product lists - fully GDPR-compliant, automated and in less than 20 milliseconds. Customer centricity and corporate goals thereby go hand in hand: Online retailers, for example, can incorporate their sales strategy by giving greater weight to new products or slow-moving items. Media companies use ODOSCOPE to individualize their article feeds and let people discover relevant content. Customers such as the Mister Spex, TOM TAILOR, InStyle, Tennis-Point, asambeauty and Erwin Müller benefit from uplifts in conversion rates and sales of 20% and more.

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Köln, Germany
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