omni:us builds cognitive, deep domain insurance products that automate tedious human data extraction & classification tasks and allow a quick deployment of AI capabilities to claims management systems, without the difficulty and delay of trying to build an internal AI system.

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Berlin, Germany
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omni:us is a technology company that provides solutions to insurance companies by way of an ‘artificial intelligence as a service’ (AIaaS) model. It uses a data-driven approach to enabling insurers to make quick, empathetic and transparent decisions about claims, empowering the insurers with all of the analytics and information they need to make good claims handling choices. This can help to reduce loss adjustment and also to make operations within an insurance business more efficient, leading to better service and faster claims settlement for customers. The vision that omni:us works to is an insurance industry where any decisions that can be made more effectively by AI fed with the right data can be powered in this way, leaving employees to concentrate on providing the best service to customers. omni:us, based in Berlin, Germany, also has locations in the USA, the UK and in France. It also has research facilities in Barcelona, Spain. The company is formed of experts in the technologies used, including academic AI pioneers, as well as top-level computer science engineers. The company is also lead by serial entrepreneurs who bring effective business management experience to the table and have helped to grow the company into one of the market leaders in AIaaS.