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Identity verification engine for enterprises. Our company mission is to create an open world where identity is the key to access.


Onfido builds trust in an online world by helping businesses digitally verify people’s identities. Using machine learning technology, Onfido validates a user’s identity document and compares it with their facial biometrics. The identity can then be cross-referenced against international credit and watchlist databases.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Cybersecurity & Anti-Virus
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Onfido is a technology company that focuses on AI-based identity verification. The technology that Onfido develop and build can assess based on complex AI whether ID issued by a number of governments is genuine, and can then compare it to facial biometrics, allowing for fast and accurate verification. Onfido’s technology aims to allow businesses that need to onboard customers remotely a way of ensuring security when they do so, and their proprietary technology is used by major brands like Zipcar, Bitstamp, and Revolut. Onfido’s mission is to create a world where access and identification are linked, allowing for less friction when accessing these services. Onfido, based in London, England, has been in business since July 2012. The company has a global outreach with offices in New Delhi, Paris, Lisbon, Singapore, New York City and San Francisco as well as its London HQ. Onfido is backed by a number of key investor partners, who include the University of Oxford, Microsoft’s Venture Partners, Idinvest Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Crane, Tuesday, Talis Capital, and Acequia Capital. As of April 2019, Onfido is used by over 1.5k businesses with customer identification needs and employs over 250 people across its office locations on three continents.