Oodle Car Finance is a car finance company that match-makes customers with UK's best car dealers to deliver great car buying experiences. They are breaking the mould of lending in the used-car market by merging search and finance into one seamless digital process. This rapid, blink-and-you-miss-it, online procedure matches our customers with their perfect cars, the UK’s best car dealers and affordable finance.They believe they can achieve their ultimate mission to create a best-in-class consumer experience, where customers reap the benefits.

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Oxford, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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NC Company Overview

Oodle Car Finance is a UK car finance company that uses its online platform to help match customers looking to buy a new vehicle with the best dealers in their area. The aim of the company is to bring together the processes of searching for a car to buy and securing financing so that all of this can be done quickly and through the same service. This can help customers save time, get affordable car finance deals, and enjoy a good user experience with excellent customer support. Oodle Car Finance uses automation and data-driven AI where possible to automate its lending decisions, which means that it can give customers quotes and arrange finance very quickly. Their policy is to offer finance to the broadest range of customers possible, and so they have different lending options available for people with different credit profiles and situations, but situations where an eligible car buyer is not offered a financing solution are very rare. The company partners with used car dealers all over the country, making it easy for Oodle customers to find the car they want from a reputable source. Oodle Car Finance, based in Oxford, England, was voted Lender of the Year by F&I in 2017 and has a high rating on consumer review service TrustPilot.

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