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ooshi is changing the world of female health by offering innovative, modern, customer-centric products, empowering women to love and care for themselves and to reach their fullest potential every day. Our first product is the ooshi period panty.

Company Overview

ooshi is introducing a completely new product to the female health market: the ooshi period panty, replacing tampons and sanitary pads - a 2.5bn€ European market. ooshi looks and feels like your favorite underwear - but we integrated a "magic membrane system" in the crotch area, which wicks fluid away from the body, stores it, and prevents it from leaking. Positioned as an aspirational fashion brand, ooshi reaches price points previously unknown to the female health realm. As market builder and direct-to-consumer brand, over 10,000 ooshis were sold within six months, and - only four months after shipping the first products - ooshi already observes returning customers.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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