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The most sophisticated AI assistive reading device


OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision in an intuitive portable device that compensates for lost visual abilities. The OrCam device is a smart camera mounted on the frames of your eyeglasses, which “sees” text, recognizes objects and “whispers” in your ear.

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Jerusalem, Israel
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Video & Virtual Reality
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OrCam Technologies is a technology company with a focus on artificial vision. It has created a unique and revolutionary new wearable device that can assist people with visual impairment. The OrCam device uses a camera that mounts onto glasses frames and discreetly informs the wearer with quiet voice messages into the ear about the things it sees – for instance, recognizing objects and reading text. The OrCam device has an easy to use interface that is quick to configure and learn and is fully portable. The devices can also be used to help people with reading difficulties understand text. OrCam Technologies, based in Jerusalem, Israel, was first founded in 2010 by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram. The company released its first OrCam device in 2015, with the next version following in 2017. The founders had also created Mobileye, a company that focuses on using artificial vision technology in vehicles to prevent collisions. As of May 2019, OrCam Technologies products are used by thousands of blind and partially sighted people all over the world and have made a dramatic difference to their quality of life by assisting them in knowing what is around them in a discreet way that can be taken and used anywhere.