OUTFITTERY provides an online personal shopping service for men to dress them for success. Our personal style experts put together two or three outfits for each of our customers based on their preferences and personality from a range of top brands. Each customer is served and advised personally after a first online contact and an (optional) phone call.

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Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:
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Fashion E-Commerce
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NC Company Overview

Outfittery is an online men’s fashion company that aims to serve as a digital personal shopping assistant for men. Men can receive fashion recommendations from style experts on a personal, one to one basis, following a consultation online and an optional phone call where the personal shopper will find out about the customer’s personality, style, preferences, and favorite brands. Outfittery will then choose two or three complete outfits that the customer can try and send them out. The customer only pays for what they choose to keep, and the fashion consultation is free, providing a service similar to the personal shopping experience provided in department stores, but at home. Outfittery keeps up to date on the latest collections from all of the top fashion brands and can recommend fashion for men for all occasions, from business attire for work through to everyday streetwear or formal clothing for a special event. Outfittery, based in Berlin, Germany was the pioneer for this style of curated shopping in the menswear market and has become the market leader. As of May 2019, Outfittery can offer its services and shipping to men in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Sweden, as well as its native Germany.

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