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Pair Finance

PAIR Finance developed an AI-algorithm that uses digital communication and data-driven behavioral analysis to recover open claims efficient and customer-oriented.

Company Overview

PAIR Finance thinks debt collection different and positions itself as the technology leader in the debt collection industry. PAIR Finance philosophy finds its origin within digital Marketing: The intelligent advertising technology sensitizes the customer to purchase a product. PAIR Finance applies a similar approach in the debt collection process to sensitize the defaulting customer to finally pay for it – digital, individual and user­-friendly. Latest findings from behavioral science and psychology support the data­-driven process to sensitize the debtor on his open claim. Its self-­developed AI­-algorithm uses digital communication and data­-driven behavioral analysis to recover open claims efficient and customer-­oriented. The technology collects debtor-­data before and during the collection process, determines behavior and predicts the best approach regarding channel, timing, tonality, frequency & stylistic-­means. Based on the individual debtor’s reaction the AI­-technology learns and changes the appropriate communication and adjusts the payment solutions to settle open claims efficiently.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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