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Make better people decisions. Peakon builds engaged teams and great company cultures by providing clear, actionable insights into the real drivers of every business – the people.

Company Overview

An advancement in HR analytics technology has made cumbersome, ‘point in time’ surveys a thing of the past. Organisations can now benefit from a new way of managing their teams; a way which utilises real-time analytics and continuous listening. Since 2015, Peakon has been supporting global organisations like Capgemini, Maersk and easyJet on this journey, guided by our mission to provide insights that ‘enable everyone in an organisation to reach their full potential’. Peakon is a global business with offices in London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Auckland and New York, with over 150+ full time employees (and rapidly growing) including a team of Organisational Development Scientists, Data Scientists and Customer Success Managers to partner with our global clients. Peakon was founded, and is now lead, by an experienced management team who have started and scaled a number of technology businesses before. Taking their previous experience into account from the beginning, Peakon has been built to have enterprise level security and scale, and supported by a best in class team to drive high levels of adoption on the journey towards continuous listening. Peakon is able to easily accommodate our global customers with EU data centres, more than 40 languages and GDPR compliance. We are confident that Peakon has the necessary experience and credentials to support your organisation's evolving listening strategy. To support continued growth of Peakon and provide a best in class product, the business has received over $60 million in Venture Capitalist funding and now work with more than 600 customers, with Peakon admins in over 130 countries, across all sectors.

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Copenhagen, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Edition June 2019

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